Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"It's so hard to explain what I'm feeling...but I guess it's okay."

Sami starts his song with this magical words that intrepret what had happen to most of us.
Yes, it is not easy to let our feeling go. It is not easy to define what we truly feel. As for example, we feel that we love Allah but how can we describe the love. In the top show Lau Ka Na Bainana, if the host ask any person the question of "what would you say or do if Rasulullah is there right in front of you". In my observation of two or three series of that show, nobody can really describe what would they do or say if Rasulullah is here.

The first time I heard this song entitled Healing by Sami Yusuf is when I'm staying over my friend's house and I get to watch a show in TV Al Hijrah. I cannot recall specifically the title of the show but it is all about Sami Yusuf.

This song really gets me. I am in the middle of confusion and finding who I really am. There's a big hole in my heart that needs to be fill but I do not know what should I fill it with. CORRECTION - I might know what to fill but the right question is HOW TO FILL IT.

"Heal and you will be healed".

The answer is there...